What kind of bathroom mirror cabinet works best for me ?

When choosing a bathroom mirror cabinet , first we may consider the size and style . What size to choose ? This is based both on preference and available room in your bathroom. Generally, the larger the better, particularly if you have a double vanity with a shared vanity mirror, or if you have a small bathroom. The large shiny surface will make the space seem larger and reflect more light. But if you have a smaller, more traditional vanity, you may prefer the look of a decorative mirror no wider than the sink. The key is to strike the balance with the mirror and its surrounding elements, while also achieving the function you desire.

Do you need it to match with the lighting mirror or medicine cabinet, or are you looking for it simply to be more decorative? Your needs may change depending on which bathroom you’re looking to outfit. Is it the master bath, which will get a lot of use from two people, or a guest bathroom, used only on occasion? Draw on these factors as a guide to help you make a decision.

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